About this guide

0.1 Formats

You can find an online version of this guide at www.opencasestudies.org/OCS_Guide.

PDF versions are available at leanpub.com/opencasestudies_guide.

0.2 Summary

The Open Case Studies project, developed at the Johns Hopkins Data Science Lab, is an education platform that provides self-contained, multimodal, peer-reviewed, and open-source guides for real-world examples for active experiences of complete data analyses.

Case study guides can be used:

  1. In the classroom (either onsite or online) by engaging students to actively participate in a hands-on problem-solving experience.

  2. Outside of the classroom by providing an archive of stand-alone examples of best practices.

To help guide educators on how to most effectively use the Open Case Studies (either in or outside of the classroom), this guide documents various entry points to using the case studies (including an R package to enable modular use of the case studies), examples of how to use the case studies, how to modify and adapt components of the case studies for the classroom, and how to contribute new case studies.